Low Sperm Count

Low Sperm Count

There may be many reasons for the number of sperms being reduced, such as pollution from the environment, toxic drugs, smoking, radiation, exposure to chemicals, exposure to heavy metals etc. . The amount of average sperm in men is 120 to 350 million cubic centimeters (cubic centimeter). Due to the lack of sperm, the number of sperms is considered to be much less when it is less than 40 cm Cubic centimeter. Heat is also an important factor, which is considered to be the reason for the decrease in sperm. Bathing with hot water, resting in a tub filled with water for a long time, spending long hours wearing a tight under close can lead to great potential for reducing sperm count. Remedies to increase sperm – Improve diet for sperm count To increase the sperm, increase the fertility, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains or sprouted grains in your catering. Try to avoid Smoking, Tobacco, Alcohol, Tea, Coffee and Refined Carbohydrates for Sperm Count. Keep your weight under control for a sperm count, because increasing weight may also be a major cause of decrease in sperm.

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