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India played a significant role in the history of sex .it may be argued that india pioneered the use of sexual education through in commen people and powerful rulers,with people in power often indulging in hedonistic lifestyles that were not representative of common morale attitudes. The first evidence of attitudes towards sex comes from the ancient texts of Hinduism,Buddhism and Jainism.the most ancient texts, the Vedas, reveal moral perspectives on sexuality,marriage an fertility prayers.sex magic featured in numbers of vedic sex rituals, most significantly in asvameda yajna. where the chief queen lying with the dead horse in a stimulated sexual act,clearly a fertility rite intended to safe guard and increase the kingdom productivity and marital prowess. These text support the view that in ancient india , sex was considered a mutual duty between a married couple, where husband and wife pleasured each other equally, but where sex was considered a private affair,at least by followers of the aforementioned Indian regions.it seems tha polygamy(sex with multiple parteners) was allowed during ancient times.in practice, this seems to have only been practised by rulers,with common people maintaining a monogamous marriage(sex with single partener). India as a whole has a diverse set of sexual behaviours as any other society, such as lesbian,guys,bisexuals,transgenders and others.

Marriage and Sex

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Sex Problems

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