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5 Ways to Make Sex More Exciting

Do you want your sex life to be thrilling and enticing? To lift your sex life out of the pit, all you need is changing your routine a bit. Sex should always be fun and interesting. The more fun and interesting you make it, more pleasing it will be.

It’s time to bring back the buzz into lovemaking. Lovemaking has different meaning for different people. So, before beginning with the kinky ideas, you need to understand what it means to you.

You can do many a thing to spice things up. Mentioned below are some fun sex ideas to add excitement in your sex life.

1. Forget Yourself
As soon as you are with your partner, forget who you are. Leave other matters such as events and activities you are engaged in behind. It is important to pay attention to your partner and be responsive to his/her actions or gestures. When you are trying to make sex more exciting, it is very important that you forget yourself to enjoy the moment.

Moreover, adopting a persona in bed also relieves you of stress and brings a sexy character out of you. If you feel that some exotic make-up, a costume or a wig could help you jump into a sexier profile, go ahead. Besides excitement, exotic appearance will induce confidence to guide you in enhancing sex drive.

2. Play a Foreplay

Foreplay is considered an integral element of sexual activity. It includes everything from teasing to getting raunchy. If you have no idea about inclusion of foreplay in your pursuit, you may learn it gradually. Foreplay reduces the degree of hesitation and sets tone for sexual pursuit. In a nutshell, foreplay not only allows you to enjoy each other but also omits sexual tension between both of you.

3. Learn and Execute

Learning has no bar. Learn how to spice the sex life from internet sources. You should not feel any hesitation to learn or apply learning into practice. Things will be better for you if your partner is also learning along. Bring your flirtatious and romantic trait into practice and fill your learning with fun and frolic.

4. Bedtime Stories

Bedtime tales encompassing fantasies and erotica is another medium to lighten and spice up the sex life. If you are good at making stories, go on and give your best shot. Narration is quite important so ensure you tone it right.

5. Endeavours

Forget the conventional way. Try new things, be it sex position or the location. Having sex outdoors will surge adrenalin and make you and your partner ready and excited. Owing to this, the level of performance will increase significantly. Do not, however, compromise on safety.