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How to Deal With Thoughts of Infidelity

Before you decide to cheat your partner, learn to deal with the thoughts of infidelity by figuring out what is lacking in your relationship and bringing thoughts that could cost you love of your current partner and family.
1. The foremost step to deal with thoughts of infidelity is to figure out the incidences of such thoughts. Daydreaming about your favourite movie star/s or getting attracted to someone on the street is perfectly normal, but getting intimate with another person is an indication that your current relationship is lacking something essential. Instead of focussing your attention on the one whom you admire, revaluate your relationship with your partner to know the differences.

2. While having thoughts of cheating on your partner, just give a thought to its dire consequences. Think how it will hurt your partner and everybody else around you. If children are involved, think how it is going to influence their life and their mental development. Infidelity does not involve you and your partner, it impinges on your family’s mentality and tears them apart. The best solution is to locate the problems in your relationship that brought you to think of cheating with your partner. Such thoughts can be forced by innumerable reasons such as staying away from your partner for too long or giving a lot of importance to the person you are attracted to.

3.Spend some time for self-analysis and ask yourself if cheating is worth the risk of hurting everyone you hold dear. Question yourself as to what is important for you: being intimate with another man or woman or your marital life and family. Be honest to yourself and give a thought to what you are putting at stake by being disloyal to your partner.

4. To deal with the ideas of infidelity, the best option is to communication your feelings to your partner. Do not state to him or her that you are having thoughts of infidelity, but explain that you are finding some difficulties in your relationship. Tell him or her what is missing in the relationship and try to voice your present feelings. Do it in a way that it does not hurt your partner’s emotions and try to clear your doubts as much as possible so that the two of you can decide an appropriate future action i.e. whether to make things work or take individual ways. Putting an end to a relationship is always better than being unfaithful and disloyal.

5. Instead of feeling guilty for being unfaithful later, confide in a close friend about your thoughts of indulging in infidelity. Perhaps, your friend can give some fresh ideas to steer your current relationship to a positive direction.