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Consequences of Infidelity

Infidelity exacts a distressing toll on any relationship. It is known to be the single most destructive cause of divorce all around the world. On one hand a lot of couples fear the consequences of a divorce and thereby seek emotional reconciliation, there are others who separate without a second thought. Either ways, there is a loss of a part of an emotion that dwells in their heart for the rest of their life. Here are a few devastating consequences of infidelity that hang in the air despite of a settlement in life.

Injury to self image

When one realizes that he or she has been cheated on by his or her partner, the feelings of disgust over one’s own self climbs several folds higher. One tends to fall prey to the feasting idea that he or she is not good enough for his or her partner. This is especially true and evident in the case of women who are conscious about their appearance and get set on a make-over soon after they discover their husband or boyfriend being unfaithful

Injury to self confidence

If you have been cheated on, you would experience a collapse in self confidence and will therefore, chicken away from small challenges. This may affect your personal as well as professional life. You may begin to doubt your capabilities that you once were confident about.

Injury to sexual confidence

Not everyone can be good in bed especially someone who has never had the experience of sleeping with someone before. Once you have been cheated on, it is likely that you would start thinking about your capability to get things hot in bed. You may shy away from any probability of sleeping with someone or your next boyfriend or husband in the future. Not being confident about your body or the ability to get things right in bed can spoil all your future relationships

Feelings of shame and guilt

Once all the feelings of anger and rejection surpass, you will dwell into the next set of emotions of shame and guilt. You will start blaming yourself for your partner’s distraction from you to another woman or man.

Feeling of undesirability

Being the victim of an unfaithful relationship is the last thing an individual wants. Infidelity makes one feel that he or she is not desirable and therefore, think that he or she may never be desired by anyone else